This Bride Designed Her Dress From Scratch And The Results Are Breathtaking

Posted on Sep 22 2016 - 10:52am by admin

This wedding dress took almost a year to make!
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Instead of choosing a wedding dress created by a big-name designer, bride Dana Wolley Zayat decided to create her own gown for the big day, and the entire process was documented on social media.

First, Wolley Zayat did a little window shopping to get her creative juices flowing. “I started by checking out simple designer gowns at @esposagroup,” she revealed on Instagram. “They are all stunning, but I felt I needed something made just for me and faaar from simple! It’s go big or go home for me!” And she didn’t just browse through the racks of gowns. “I tried on every single dress to know what suits me more!” Wolley Zayat explained in another photo caption.

It took a big team, and several hours to complete Wolley Zayat’s couture creation. The atelier that helped bring her vision to life revealed the fine details in a post, “The beading took two months of working days and nights!” And in one of Wolley Zayat’s Instagram posts she revealed that the entire process took nearly a year. We can totally see why. The design is absolutely beautiful. It’s a champagne gown with a sweetheart neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves. The beaded embellishments on the dress were complemented with a matching veil and Mouawad jewels. Keep reading to see exactly how it looks.
Here’s one of the looks that inspired Wolley Zayat’s final design.
Wolley Zayat looked absolutely gorgeous in the final look.
And here’s a video that shows the details of the completed dress.

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