The Perfect Wedding Gift

Posted on Apr 22 2014 - 4:35pm by admin
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The Perfect Wedding Gift


The moment that brides, grooms, and everyone else involved can’t wait for—opening up the wedding presents. This time is as pivotal as all the others because this is where you see who was naughty and who was highly generous and should be invited around more often. As a bride and groom, you’re just hoping that people stuck to your registry list. If they didn’t, then it had better be something that you both need that the both of you forgot to put on the list. Then the person that got it for you is a complete genius and must be thanked for making the great call.


Now, when you’re on the opposite end of the table and you’re the one buying the gift, there are a couple things that you should know. Your gift needs to either be something the couple has stated in their registry or it needs to be the great expensive gifts that will make them forget that you completely ignored their registry. So think long and hard about what avenue you plan to take when you’re in wedding gift purchase mode because this will definitely either make or break your relationship with the couple for a few months or so. If you even think about getting a gift card, no matter how much money you put on it, you will be judged and looked at differently for not putting anything thought into things at all. If you happen to give a check instead, that’s a different story. A check with a cute little note or card describing just exactly why you’re giving them a check is totally fine. Gift cards are for kids and holidays when you’re looking for last minute items and don’t have the time to keep on. Remember this is someone’s wedding.


The best thing you can do is stick to the registry list, look on there for the best gift that you can possibly buy, if you can afford it, and get that for the lovely couple. It’s definitely going to stick out in their mind for a very long time and you will be known as the best gift getter of all time.

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