7 Tips on how to Save up on your Honeymoon

Posted on May 20 2014 - 4:56pm by admin

7 Tips on how to Save up on your Honeymoon

While planning a wedding seems like a chore to get so many things done at once, planning a honeymoon is the exciting part of it all. The thought of flying to a romantic destination once the wedding frenzy dies down is enough to get so many brides going through the planning phase, but does planning a honeymoon really has to be pocket-pinching?

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Here are 7 tips to smartly save up on your honeymoon:

Budget it out- The backbone of smart expenditure when it comes to anything is to have a proper budget. Come up with a practical budget for your honeymoon and stick to it.

What are your preferences and are they practical- A grand Switzerland tour sounds fascinating but do you really want to go for it, considering how it is your honeymoon and you’d probably be spending most of the time not sightseeing. Come up with a practical list of honeymoon destinations that are budget-friendly and also boasts of a good itinerary.

Seek advice- Not just of friends and family, but also experts. A tour operator will be able to give you an insight into where you should go that suits your honeymoon preferences and does not go overboard on the budget as well.

Book your tickets in advance- A no-brainer, when you book tickets a couple of months in advance, you get the cheapest rates. So decide everything a good six months in advance and book your tickets latest by three months prior to the trip.

Cut down on duration if not cost– If you are hell-bent on going to that trip to Switzerland, stick to a week-long honeymoon rather than staying for a fortnight or more. The quickie honeymoon ensures you stick to the budget and also go to go to the place you always wanted to.

Plan an off-season honeymoon- You don’t have to go to the coldest place because it is the cheapest. You’d be surprised by the list of places you can go to during the off-season, and actually enjoy.

Factor the add-on ways of price reduction- Have reward points or cash back from your last trip, you can use that. Also, most people do not opt for late night flights, so you can get those at a cheaper rate. There are a number of add-on ways that you can utilize to reduce a small amount of the price, but they add up to a good number.

You do not want to start the second phase of your life in debt. Be smart and be content with whatever the both of you have.

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