Quirky Wedding Décor Ideas

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Quirky Wedding Décor Ideas
Whether it is a themed wedding or a traditional wedding, it is the decoration that sets the tone. But when it comes to the couple who refuses walk the conventional path, it might get a little difficult getting that part right.
Here are a few unique decoration ideas:
Decorative Bottles
Have old beer or wine bottles lying around? Turn them into vases or add a touch of elegance by putting string lights inside these.


You can even have a chandelier of hanging bottles.


A picture collage, you can have a picture runner as the centerpiece or a big banner with pictures. Or you can even hang your old pictures- first date pictures, first kiss, cute couple pictures- on a string light.


Vintage wedding themes are always a hit. If you want to go down the retro lane, or simply one-up traditional wedding decoration, here are a few options to keep note of.

Nothing spells vintage better than a Gramophone, of course we might have to wait a couple more decades before cassette players can be used as vintage décor items.


Or how about a bicycle planter? Complements rustic and outdoor weddings perfectly.

A Blackboard
Such a fun way to tell your love story, or maybe just write something sarcastically funny to make the guests snort if not chuckle.


Marrying a writer? You can never go wrong with a typewriter or a book-based theme. It’s your wedding and your rules, if this is what makes you happy so be it!


Or maybe marrying a pianist? What better than a piano as the centerpiece and a piano cake?


People often think that the best décor items would cost a fortune. Actually, no it’s just about being creative. Who thought what a beautiful wedding décor drapes, candles, a mirror, chandelier, flower, and a tree can make.

Designer cakes are one of the best ways to bring a touch of uniqueness to your wedding, and given that it can be customized, you can go as quirky as you want.
For the Alice who is enroute Wonderland, this Alice in Wonderland themed cake says a lot.

Or the couple who just cannot agree on the same thing?

And for the couple who’s fought through thick and thin to be together.


Not really a décor item, but fireworks can add some chutzpah to your wedding. Here are some fun ways to use firecrackers and sparkles.


Brainstorm with your significant other and go quirky all the way!
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