14 Times Will And Kate Showed Us How Adorable They Really Are

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14 Times Will And Kate Showed Us How Adorable They Really Are


Happy anniversary to our favorite royal couple!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge just got back from a long and eventful tour inAustralia and New Zealand, where they did everything from play cricket to try their hand at DJing. And while the royal family had a good time Down Under, it only makes sense that they headed back to the UK to celebrate their third wedding anniversary. We can’t believe it has already been three years since all the magic started.

In honor of this special day, we’ve rounded up 14 cute photos of the couple to prove, once and for all, that Will and Kate are the best duo. Ever. Here are some times they made us swoon.

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    When they wore matching hoodies.
  • 2
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    When they were both adorably quizzical.
  • 3
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    When William went in for a kiss while simultaneously gifting the duchess.
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    When they were wine tasting.
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    When they had one too many foreign objects to hold…
  • 6
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    When Will is caught staring at Kate.
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    When Kate is caught staring at Will.
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    When Will and Kate are caught staring at each other.
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    When they find new hobbies.
  • 10
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    When they get really excited about sports.
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    And of course, when they kiss.
  • 12
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    Just in case you wanted a zoomed-in photo.
  • 13
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    When they introduced Prince George to the world, in coordinating blue outfits.
  • 14
    And finally, when they look like the perfect family.


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