Ideal Ways To Send Wedding Invitations

Posted on Apr 21 2014 - 9:24am by admin

Ideal Ways To Send Wedding Invitations


Inviting someone to a wedding takes a great deal of thought, especially when you happen to know a lot of people. You want invite everyone to the prestigious event but at the same time you have a budget to stick to and obviously some people will have to be left out. The one thing left after making the decision of who’s not going to be invited is how would you like to invite all of the people you want to be there.


Now, the toughest part is that you won’t have everyone’s address all the time to send out the ideal paper invitations but that just means you need to contact that person personally in order to get their address to send them the invitation. Do NOT send them a wedding invitation via Facebook, Twitter, or any other form of social media. Yes, it seems like an ideal way to get out your wedding invitation, and of course cheaper, but it’s at the same time very tacky and it sort of depreciates the invitation in a way. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with social media at all, it’s just that this isn’t a birthday party or a random holiday party, this your wedding day and should be respected in such a manner. When you want to invite a person that you may care about and want at your wedding, you do so properly. You send them a personalized envelope to their home with a simple card inside stating that you’d love to invite them to your spouse and your wedding on whichever date you so choose. You have to make the guest feel happy and thankful that you took your time out to actually contact them and invite them to your wedding. It’s the little things like that which sticks with them and actually makes them want to be there to support you and your spouses decision to get married so do yourself the favor of sending a personalized card instead of an invite-only invitation via Facebook that anyone can just possibly tag themselves in.

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