Changes in wedding planning due to social media

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Changes in wedding planning due to social media


Social media has changed how we plan weddings forever. But it’s not all good…

Six amazing things…

Pinterest. OMG. PINTEREST.

Whereas once upon a time scrapbooks were the best way to keep all your ideas, Pinterest is nowthe way to keep track of all the ideas and inspiration you find on your wedding-planning adventures. It’s not just weddings, of course. You can also find gorgeous haistyles, delicious cake-spiration (totally a word) and beautiful flower ideas.

It’s also a pretty legit excuse to spend 45 minutes looking at pictures of rainbow layer cake and wondering… How.

It’s never been easier to keep in touch with your bridal party…

…Which also means it’s never been easier to casually remind them about what needs doing. Facebook and Twitter (and even Whatsapp) have made staying in touch with your bridesmaids and ushers easier than ever, and makes sharing ideas a whole lot easier.

Apps = wedding planning in the palm of your hand

Yes, we might be a little too reliant on our mobile phones, but that’s not to say we’d be without them. Wedding apps mean that you can search for ideas and update your planning progress wherever you are – how on earth did our parents manage without the likes of Appy Couple or Lover.Ly?

You can connect with suppliers at the click of a button

Which is great, because it makes everything a whole lot easier. Twitter in particular is a great way to find local suppliers who can help you with what you want: follow #weddinghour on Twitter at 9pm on Wednesday – it’s a whole hour dedicated to wedding chat).

If you’re planning an overseas wedding, Skype is also the perfect way to stay in touch with your suppliers. Simple!

Celebrity weddings

It’s practically like being a guest sitting in the front pew. Twitter and Instagram have made celebrities sharing details from their wedding days more and more common – and it’s an easy-peasy way to see how the A-list tie the knot in style.

Type ‘wedding meme’ into Google Images. Thank us later.

Watching YouTube videos all day = totally justifiable

Not that you need to justify why you’re watching YouTube vids, of course (you go, girl!). Whether you’re following a beauty vlogger’s French braid tutorial or watching Tom from McFly’s wedding speech, YouTube viewing is a strictly essential part of the planning process. Pizza optional.

Three not-so good things…

Ring selfies

Okay, don’t get us wrong. We love a good engagement ring picture as much as the next person – but when Mrs Bloggs-To-Be clogs up our Instagram timeline with ten shots of her diamond (with various filters for that arty finish), we do find our fingers hovering momentarily over the ‘unfollow’ button. *We know we are bad people*


Celebrity bride X gets married and shares a picture of her wedding gown on Twitter and you fall in love. That’s the one! The dress you want to wear! You read a news story about the wedding and scroll down to the comments section. The top comment describes the dress as looking like something from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, whilst the least popular comment meekly describes it as ‘kind of nice’. The Great British public has spoken Your mind has been changed. Maybe the dress isn’t the one…

Too. Much. Choice.

You’ve logged onto Pinterest or and are instantly hit with a tidal wave of inspiration. Themes and favour ideas and cute floral details and… How do you choose? It suddenly strikes you as very unfair that you are limited to just one wedding, when you could quite happily hold a dozen with all the ideas you’ve just been furiously pinning.

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