Top 6 Things to Do When Considering Wedding Jewelry

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Top 6 Things to Do When Considering Wedding Jewelry

When you’re picking out your wedding jewelry, there’s a couple of things that you can definitely do in order to ensure that the experiences of picking it out, trying it on, and wearing it are all as completely enjoyable as they should be!

Match your bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are going to be your posse for the entire day, so why not make sure that you’re all done up equally for the part? After all, you’re the one that gets to rock the wedding dress; why not make sure that everybody else can be on the aisle looking gorgeous too?

Top 6 Things to Do When Considering Wedding Jewelry

Top 6 Things to Do When Considering Wedding Jewelry

Follow your heart

No matter how much you and your spouse are into each other, at the end of the day, nobody knows yourself better than you do and no one else every will. If your heart is just screaming out for you to get that pink and red dinner ring, then chances are you know what’s best!

Value subtlety

It can be pretty tempting to go as ridiculously large as possible in your jewelry choices and it’s completely your prerogative to do so if you choose so, but never forget that there’s also a lot of good things to be said about jewelry sets that make their statements through understated-ness!

Plan things out early on

Much like the invitations, jewelry is truly not something that you should be holding out on choosing until the very last second of the entire wedding planning process. Many brides start planning the ceremony an entire year before it happens, so getting the jewelry ideas jotted down a couple months beforehand wouldn’t be ridiculous!

Stick to your first choice

If you can look at something and immediately feel your hand start gravitating towards it, chances are that you know it’s the right thing for you on a deep subconscious level. Your gut is what whispers to you that something is wrong before any red flags present themselves, so you’re best off trusting it when it says something is ‘right’ too! Trust your instincts and don’t look back!


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