6 Big Don’ts of Wedding Jewelry

Posted on Mar 29 2014 - 3:55pm by admin
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6 Big Don’ts of Wedding Jewelry

6 Big Don’ts of Wedding Jewelry

6 Big Don’ts of Wedding Jewelry

There’s a whole lot of right choices that you can make in picking out the final set of jewelry, but there’s also a whole lot that go wrong if you allow it to! Here’s some of the top things to watch out for when you’re picking out the set of shiny, wedding goodness to wear down the aisle.

Get something far too restrictive

This is going to be one of the biggest days of your entire life! Do you really want the memory of the experience to be marked by the fact that an ambulance had to drive to the ceremony because your finger suddenly lost all of the blood circulation thanks to a too-small ring? Didn’t think so!

Get something based on only its popularity

No matter just how well-reviewed something might be on anybody’s website, if you don’t feel like it deserves the full reviews, it doesn’t deserve the full reviews! Don’t be afraid to put something down even if it seems perfect and you’re just not quite feeling it!

Mistrust your own instincts

Your instincts, for the most part, aren’t ever going to steer you wrong; even if we do the wrong thing and are surprised by the results, chances are that our instincts gave us a flash of the poorness of our idea before we actually went through with it. Let your instincts help you to help yourself when looking for those perfect earrings, and your wedding won’t be pockmarked by buyer’s remorse!


You’re going to know what you want just as soon as you find it, and that’s guaranteed! What you don’t want to do is keep on searching and searching for the perfect jewelry after you’ve already found the perfect jewelry; this is a self-fulfilling privacy and serious mental trap that can drag on forever if you allow it to!

Over-rationalize a poor choice

If you’re thinking that something is a poor choice but you keep trying to think of reasons that it should work in spite of everything making it a poor choice, just drop it; a poor choice is a poor choice, and you’re no worse off for realizing it!

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