Top 5 Best Wedding Invitations pulled off

Posted on Mar 29 2014 - 7:11pm by admin

Top 5 Best Wedding Invitations pulled off

There will always be high quality wedding invitations, but as far as the cream of the crop goes, these invitations truly sored about and beyond and made it clear that the couple was out to win the whole game! These can be some serious inspiration if you’re at all feeling a little bit creatively stumped on how to send out your own invites.

The Super Secret Mission Invitation

01 Top 5 Best Wedding Invitations pulled off

Operation Wedding has finally commenced! These two lovers shows that they’re nothing but total business, and they’ll stop at nothing to recognize their critical mission to get hitched! The invitation invites you to join them on their super critical mission to eat cake, party, and generally enjoy life.

The Apocalyptic Invitation

02 Top 5 Best Wedding Invitations pulled off

In case the recipients weren’t already complete aware, the world was ending and this invitation reminded them of that important fact. Since zombies would soon be overrunning the planet and extinguishing all human life, why not go to an awesome wedding before it’s all over? Sounds like a solid plan.

The Graphic Art Invitation

03 ways not to send out wedding invitations

This couple refused to be content just sending out some invites that had artwork done by so-called professionals; they went above and beyond by instead deciding to make their own graphic novel to share the news about the occasion. Not a bad way to start the beginning of the graphic novel of their lives together!

The Movie Poster

04 Top 5 Best Wedding Invitations pulled off

This couple was completely aware that their wedding was going to be absolutely anything but just something to sit through and wait from the free drinks and bridesmaid antics; no, their wedding was meant to be nothing less than a complete show-stopping extravaganza! In order to make that perfectly clear, nothing less than a full-blown movie poster was appropriate.

The Concert Ticket

05 Top 5 Best Wedding Invitations pulled off

I’m going to avoid saying that this couple rocks, because that would just be an awful play on words. How could I use that kind of metaphor to describe a couple that’s so clearly attuned to having a great time? If you’re looking for a wedding invitation that breaks the mold, concert ticket invites just might be sweet music to your ears.

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