The Attack Of The Wedding Invitations

Posted on Apr 21 2014 - 10:06am by admin

The Attack Of The Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitations is a very time consuming and hard task to handle. Mostly because you don’t want to leave anybody out and you just don’t want to put all of that stress on your shoulders. Clearly, you may want to look into a company that handles this actual event so that everything is done right and the people that you want to receive your invitation does so in a timely manner. Also, you may want to decide just exactly what type of invitations you want to send out. There are some wedding invitations that are great and makes people want to be at a wedding and possibly have one of their own one day, and then there’s those eye sores that makes a person create an excuse immediately of why they possibly can’t make it to your joyous day.


Avoid sending refrigerator magnet wedding invitations at all cost. Yes, they seem ideal and like a great way to make sure that a person is reminded each day that you have a wedding coming up but at the same time they’re quite the eye sore. The slim yet big refrigerator magnet seems like the best thing for you but you have to think about what’s also ideal for your guest. Just a nice and elegant card with unique calligraphy is all you need to invite people to your wedding. Toss on your best picture together with your spouse and that pretty much seals the deal, nothing more and nothing less. Once you go outside of that it tends to get out of hand.


Never invite people via social media. It’s tacky and it’s sort of rude. Inviting someone to a wedding is supposed to be special for you and the person that you’ve invited. Your wedding invitation to them means as much to them as it does to you, if not a little more because they’re thankful and truly honored that they mean so much to you that you’d invite them to your prestigious event and day. So do the right thing and keep it old school.

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