Adding Fresh Flavors in Wedding Invites

Posted on Mar 25 2014 - 3:53pm by admin

Adding Fresh Flavors in Wedding Invites

One might wonder at what is this great big deal in talking about wedding invites. They seem to be little sheets of paper, rather innocuous, that you give a somewhat cursory look and simply put away .You only take them out again when you need to check the date, time or the venue of the event. Well, while most wedding cards do fall into this rather clichéd category, yours certainly need not. Mundane run of the mill designs that are low on imagination, though not necessarily low on price, seem to be coming in at a steady stream around wedding season. The fact is that invites do cost a huge sum of money as stationery and high quality paper has hit the pricing roof! So when you’ve got to foot the bill-why not try something new?

So is there some way of getting innovation marry up with imagination to create some of the most enviable invite ideas? Sure! The diversity of designs, patterns and material available today is exciting to say the least. Be it digital printing or tactile flexi image, or even right down to handmade cards-all of it in some way can add that special note of distinct charm to make your wedding invite in a class of its own. An invite truly is a clarion call for all loved ones to join in for a grand celebration and thus it needs to actually draw ample attention to this fact.

The first rule of thumb is to choose to be very personal-after all it is unique to a couple for the first time and that moment can never surely be replicated. Secondly make your invite look like a page from your life-full of love, revelry and happiness that symbolizes your day. And most essentially you’ve got to remember, however quirky your invite idea may be, ultimately it will be read by an aunt who’s 60 to your niece who may be just 12 years old-so keep the readership in mind!


You know the first thing which keeps you wanting to see that special invite again and again is its personality. Give your invite something of yourself to hitch on to and you’ll see originality automatically become a part of it like in the case of this invite sent by two photographers tying the knot.

Classic can never go wrong but why not blend in some vintage drama maybe like a western theme as in the case of this invite.


A brilliant stroke of ingenuity can be introduced in your wedding invite- take in the old classic route of imitating some famous book cover or poster wherein a smart photoshop option will help put your face in place of the protagonists. This never misses a mark in creating drama.

003 Some_Fresh_Flavors_in_Wedding_Invites

Invites have to have a certain tantalizing effect on the whole-be it by way of suggesting what is in the offing for the guests or by making the venue or the party sound too good to be missed. While you may have your personal choice stamped all over the card ,do consider this aspect of imaging, which will leave the guest wanting to come.

While the worry may be about cost of staionery, you may choose to go organic by sending small pouches in hessein or muslin cloth with the invite or even go the ‘pirate theme’ way by sending the invite rolled up in a bottle.The ‘Wow’ element eventually comes through when you are personally involved in designing your wedding invite.

004 Some_Fresh_Flavors_in_Wedding_Invites

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