9 Unexpected Ways to Send Wedding Invitations

Posted on Mar 29 2014 - 7:31pm by admin

9 Unexpected Ways to Send Wedding Invitations

9 Unexpected Ways to Send Wedding Invitations

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to send a pleasant set of wedding invitations, but if you just want to do it in a way that’s slightly more creative than most, you’ve got options!

Go Green

You could make a creative wedding invitation and promote the welfare of the environment by creating an invitation made from organic materials, and maybe some natural themes to complete the picture!

Hiding in plain sight

Here’s an idea: you could make a completely normal wedding invitation, but you could disguise that invitation in a format that makes it seem completely unrelated to anything that seems like it has anything to do with the wedding itself!

Thinking outside of the box

Instead of feeling like you have to send an invitation that’s in an envelope, you could really shake things up by sending out an invitation that’s put in a parcel bag or small wooden box to throw them off-guard!

Go chic

You can send a wedding invitation that really shows off your appreciation for the latest hip and fashionable trends by incorporating a little bit of modern art into the design!

The Round Trip Ticket

Who says the invitation has to be written out on a conventional card? You could make it seem as though your ceremony is a trip off to something exotic and fantastic by fashioning the invitation after an airway ticket.

The color bomb

Command the attention of the recipient with an invitation that’ s made with an unstoppable array of hot, powerful colors and shades that light up the whole room!

Burn after reading

Really up the ante of your invitation by making it in the form of s super-secret, confidential mission statement that shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands! Instruct your recipient to report to the location of your wedding for full debriefing!

Silverware Invitation

Your wedding won’t be the only event occurring on the day that you choose for it, but it should certainly a main attraction for your loved ones; why not present it like the main entrée? You could send your invitation on a card in the shape of a gourmet plate with silverware!


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