10 ways not to send out wedding invitations

Posted on Mar 29 2014 - 6:55pm by admin

10 ways not to send out wedding invitations

10 ways not to send out wedding invitations

Don’t send them just a couple days in advance

It’s great that your wedding is coming up and you’re losing sleep over that, but for everyone’s sake, give them the chance to lose sleep over it too! Preferably more than just 72 hours would be optimal.

Don’t send them on plain sheets of paper

No one’s saying that you have to send an invitation on a rocket ship, but there’s no reason that your invitation has to look like it has no soul at all. Don’t be afraid to splash in a little bit of personality!

Don’t demand gifts

If you’ve got loved ones who don’t absolutely hate you, then chances are you’re not going to have to ask for any gifts or pleasantries to get brought to the ceremony.

Don’t demand food

It’s your wedding, why are you asking you guest to bring things that the cater should have taken care of? It’s fine and well if your wedding is the kind that’s modeled after a picnic, but if not, spare everyone this obligation.

Don’t demand anything at all

The fact that people are showing up to your wedding to watch you enjoy the happiest moment of your life is already pretty expressive in terms of their willingness to stick it out for you; don’t push your luck by asking more.

Don’t lay it on too thick

We all get it: you’re happy that your chances of dying alone have just dropped by a couple percentiles, that’s a beautiful thing; however, you don’t have to make the recipients’ teeth fall out from sugar saturation when they read your invitation! Save that for the kiss!

Don’t promise things that won’t be there

If Crocodile Dundee hasn’t confirmed at least 48 hours in advance that yes, he will be able to ride an ostrich down to aisle, then you might want to abstain from putting that in the invite! Keep the best things as a surprise and they’ll be even better received if they do happen!


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