Five Fun Wedding Ideas

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Five Fun Wedding Ideas

Everyone wants to have the best wedding that anyone has ever been, too. A wedding that will be acknowledged as being the best ever for years by your friends, family, and anyone who may have been a part of the festivities. The thing is though, what can you possibly do to guarantee such a thing? Well, you can do quite a lot of things that can ensure that your wedding will be a memorable one. Here are 5 great wedding ideas:

Grandmother As The Flower Girl

–          Grandmother As The Flower Girl – Provided that you and your spouse still have grandmothers, this will be an enjoyable and awe-inspiring for everyone that’s in attendance. It also let’s grandma feel like she’s a part of your wonderful send off.


–          Boxing Style Entrances – Instead of the normal wedding entrances, enter your wedding boxer style. Letting the DJ announce your presence as you enter and walk down the aisle to the front.


–          Interpretive Vows – Don’t just say your vows to one another. Have someone perform your vows through interpretive dance. Sounds odd but it provides a sense of also offers your spouse to see exactly how you’re feeling.


–          Dance Off Between Bridesmaids and Groomsmen – Who has the most superior crew at the wedding? Is it the bride’s or is it the groom’s? That’s solely up to your perspective crews. May the best party when bragging rights for years to come.


–          Piggyback Exits For The Bride And Groom – This is definitely the most fun thing to add to your wedding, a piggyback ride up the aisle for bride and groom once the wedding is finished. Either the maid of honor and best man do the honors, or maybe a sumo wrestler just happens to be there to carry you off. Both will be very fun and enjoyable to see.

Boxing Style Entrances

These are just a few fun wedding ideas that you can do at your wedding, some aren’t sound or traditional but who want to partake in the same old, same old when you want people to remember your special day for a long time to come?


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