The Best Wedding Idea Ever

Posted on Apr 22 2014 - 9:48am by admin
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The Best Wedding Idea Ever


All sorts of weddings have been done in this lifetime, most traditional, some different, and some just plain old horrible. Weddings should be fun and the most enjoyable experience of your entire life. So it’s key that you have one that’s not only fun but inspires others around you and around the world. It’s perfectly safe to say the world now, especially with how quick an idea or a video can go viral via social media and the Internet. So what’s the best wedding idea ever you ask? Well, it depends on what you and your spouse are moved by in your life.


Note: This wedding idea is for those that are moved by the topic.


Your spouse and you should have a wedding that revolves around superheroes. That’s right, superheroes. You can have a superhero themed wedding where you and your spouse are dressed as your favorite superheroes and your wedding parties can do the same as well. For example, if you’re the groom you can dress up as Batman and hopefully the bride to be loves herself some Catwoman and you both can emulate that lifelong mysterious love affair between the hero and villain. Even entering the wedding in a way that emulates the exact same way that each superhero would enter as well. Doing the voices as you’d see fit for each of these superheroes as you exchange your vows. Then having a mini performance at the end that caps off the wedding and leaves a great feeling and moment with everyone that was in attendance.


Now, as said earlier on, this may not be the best wedding idea for you but you can actually do this exact same style of wedding but with anything that moves you and your spouse. Your spouse and you may love murder mysteries, try to incorporate that into your wedding or anything else that you could think of to that matter. Try to break away from that same traditional wedding setting and be different, your wedding will be talked about for years to come and who wouldn’t want that?



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