Flowers: The Pain In Your Wedding Tuccas

Posted on Apr 21 2014 - 9:14am by admin

Flowers: The Pain In Your Wedding Tuccas


Something that happens all the time when planning a wedding is you forget all about the flowers until the very last minute, and then you rush and pay way too much for something that you may not necessarily want there in the first place. Flowers have always been one of the added expenses that’s definitely not needed at the wedding. Flowers are extremely expensive, especially when you have a massive wedding and sometimes flowers are just in the way. Now, I’m not saying not to have any flowers at your wedding, I’m just letting you know that you can do without a large batch of flowers.


Of course, you need flowers at the wedding as your bouquet, for your bridesmaids, and for the flower girls to toss around as they come up the aisle. That’s all the flowers you need, nothing more and nothing less. Find another way to decorate your wedding without flowers, trust there are plenty of other ways to do so. Flowers don’t need to be the be all and end all in your wedding, try to remember this. Don’t roll your eyes, this is just trying to help you minimize cost for your wedding and help keep your wedding clutter free as well.


Flowers do tend to get in the way and another big problem is they never seem to match whatever color scheme you have put in place for your wedding. For example, if you’re having a traditional white wedding then you shouldn’t have sunflowers and roses at your wedding. It throws off your wedding seriously. Yes, they’re beautiful flowers but they’re not exactly wedding material all the time. Make sure if you do spend a ton of money on the flowers that you’re perfectly fine with it and that you’re choosing flowers that goes exactly with what you’re trying to do. If you don’t have any clue with what flowers you need or want, then chances are you don’t need to be wasting the money on them. Flowers are beautiful to have at the wedding, but your wedding will do just fine with you being the only centerpiece there.


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