Best Flowers For The Wedding

Posted on Apr 21 2014 - 7:51am by admin

Best Flowers For The Wedding

Flowers are normally the easiest thing to get done for any wedding, or are they? Flowers aren’t as easy as some would think they are to pick out for a wedding. You can’t just buy roses and tulips of a certain fair color and just think that’s all you need. You actually have to have flowers that go with the theme of your wedding, completes the bride, maid of honor, and the bridesmaid or else things will definitely look a little out of place.

Well, what are some flowers that you can have at the wedding to help you not have such a tragedy?

02 orchids, gardenias, and jasmine wedding flowers


–          If you’re wearing white, then you should definitely look into orchids, gardenias, and jasmines.

02 sunflowers, daffodils, and freesias wedding flowers


–          If you’re wearing yellow, then you should definitely look into sunflowers, daffodils, and freesias.

peonies, boronias, and carnations

–          If you’re wearing pink, then you should definitely look into peonies, boronias, and carnations.

lavender, lilacs, and irises

–          If you’re wearing lavender, then you should definitely look into lavender, lilacs, and irises.

Each of the flowers above is perfect for any wedding and mesh well with each outfit. You can mix and match each flower with any outfits that you can possibly wear to your wedding. Your flowers can also show off your great taste and will probably have everyone asking you throughout just where you got the idea and where you got the flowers for the wedding. Flowers play more of a role than you would think they do in your wedding, they help display who you are and how far you’ve come in life more than anything else. Hence why when you throw your bouquet to your girlfriends and the women that have attended, you’re not just throwing a bouquet you’re throwing wisdom and a story that can possibly help them reach the exact same goals that you’ve finally accomplished. So try to think long and hard about just what flower you want to represent you and yours at your wedding. Choose the best flowers today to help provide your wedding and your guests with your gift of wisdom and beauty.

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