Wedding Giveaways That are Worth Treasuring

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Wedding Giveaways That are Worth Treasuring

When wedding favors are mindless wasted or simply left behind by the guests, it only goes to indicate one thing –a complete lack of interest in what the couple decided to gift. Wedding favors are a time tested way of offering a small token of gratitude to all the love ones who take time out from their hurried and harried lives to be part of your celebration. When you give a favor it should emanate from the deepest and purest of sentiment, of showing your love and respect. Ties, brooches, handmade artifacts and even custom made items have been doing the rounds for ages, but most seem to have already been done. Wouldn’t you like your wedding favor to be one of a kind, reflecting your style, personality and also having a stamp of who you are as a couple? Sure you would-here are some ideas to takeaway.

A favor essentially has to be stamped with all of these to become a part of the memorabilia of the day. At the same time it also must be something useful for the recipient to covet and want to carry home. Here are some wonderful ideas to get your plans of choosing the right favor for your wedding.

Monogrammed handkerchiefs for him and her -yes, this is expensive but not if you decide to get printed and lightly machine embroidered ones that can be ordered in bulk. Choose lace trimming for the ladies and a handsome crown monogram for the gents. Another one I’d love to share with you is – some homemade love in a jar-it could be a candle in a teacup or some homemade marmalade done country style. Jar them and secure then with golden thread to add the little sparkle and see how pleased the ladies will be. One for the guys-bear mugs with their names on it! Now that is a sure winner. Who would resist a beer mug or a wine glass with the name of the recipient on it. On the flip side how about a beautiful clear glass flower vase with the name of the couple embossed on it.


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You could never go wrong with beverages like tea and exotic coffee packed with a bit of twine and ordinary printed brown paper. Its rustic good looks lends the gift an unmistakable charm

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When a thing is as useful as prettily printed shopping bag, no guest would like to leave it behind. Have your wedding favor carry your names on the face while on the other side have some happy slogan about love and life or clean air-get a famous quote-do as you desire!

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From bottle openers to spoon measures, unique serviettes to cufflinks and tie pins-all of these are attractive and worth considering. The one that somehow stole my breath away was something I received just recently. A view master spool with pictures of the wedding with me in most of them! Crafted to perfection and thoughtful to the core, I’ve yet to receive anything as unique as this one.

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Needless to say my dears, when you give away a favor think more about the person who has taken time out to travel, face the awful traffic and maybe even begged his boss to be let off work to be there with you-do show your love and appreciation by giving something from your heart.

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