How about having an amazing balloon arch on wedding day!

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How about having an amazing balloon arch on wedding day!


So this project almost killed me. Literally. We got the idea from The House that Lars Built’s amazing balloon arch right here, but tweaked it a bit to tower over a table full of little kids for our State Fair Birthday Party. This project is not for the faint of heart but if you follow the well earned tips that we discovered below, you’ll be just fine. I swear. And seeing that it was the total showstopper for our State Fair Party, it’s going to be SO worth it.

Balloon Arch- Photo(c)Ruth Eileen

Balloon Arch- Photo(c)Ruth Eileen

(2) Quick setting cement packages
(2) 5-gallon plastic buckets
Water to fill buckets
25’ roll of 2’ wide chickenwire
24 gauge wire
Fishing line
Rubber cement
Latex balloons in a variety of colors & sizes


step-1Mix the quikrete according to the package instructions, 1 package in each bucket. Insert a wood post upright in each bucket and hold in place until cement sets, about 10 minutes. Let dry further 1 hour. If you are planning on a larger structure, add an extra bag of quikrete to each bucket.

step-2Unroll the chicken wire and roll lenght wise to form a long tube shape. You will probably need two people for this step. Attach each end of the chicken wire to the top of the wood post by wrapping wire around the chicken wire and then the post OR if you are having trouble getting it to stay in one spot, try drilling a few screws into the post and tying the chicken wire to the screws. Be sure to tuck the cut ends of the chicken wire inward so they don’t pop the balloons!

If you have a larger structure like ours, you may need to string a wire from the top center of the chicken wire to a branch, ceiling, or wall so that the cement buckets don’t fall inward. This helps support the arch and form the shape as well.

step-3Blow up balloons with air- it will go faster with an electric air pump. You can blow up the balloons several days in advance but we don’t recommend attaching them to the frame until the day of the event or the night before at the earliest. We used a variety of shapes and sizes to add depth and dimension.

step-4Starting with the largest, tie the balloons onto the chicken wire using fishing line or your gauge wire. We began with our extra large 3″ balloons, hanging 5-6 of them around the structure. Gauge wire can be easier to position the large balloons with instead of fishing line. We found that fishing line was better for the 15″ and under balloons as it didn’t pop the balloons while we were hanging them. Once we had our largest balloons in place, we began adding the next size down. And so on and so on.

step-5Your last balloons should be your smallest and should be used to fill in all of the holes. You can use packing tape to attach balloons to the wood post and buckets and you can use rubber cement to attach balloon to balloon.

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography | Design & Styling: SMP Living


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