Do I Really Need A Huge Cake At My Wedding

Posted on Apr 21 2014 - 8:05am by admin

Do I Really Need A Huge Cake At My Wedding



Some people would say that the centerpiece of all weddings is definitely the wedding cake. For years that’s probably been a true statement due to the fact of how huge people get their wedding cakes. Wedding cakes are essential to any wedding and always taste great. No matter what takes place at a wedding, you can always count on the wedding cake to taste great. If you ever come across a bad wedding cake, get a petition to put the people that made it out of business. Nowadays, the huge few tier wedding cake isn’t as ideal as you’d think.



First and foremost, you always have to keep in mind that the bigger your wedding cake the more you’re likely to come out of pocket for it.



Secondly, most of the time the cake never gets finished and almost always goes to waste. The days of needing the huge cakes are definitely over and should’ve been long ago. The only thing that truly remains is the lovely bride and groom accent piece that adorns the top of all wedding cakes.




Cake makers can now make a cake that is not only a decent size and exquisite but actually feeds each and ever person that you’ve invited to your wedding. The smaller cake without all the tiers definitely helps things a bit.


Now, just because you’re not getting the huge cake with the tiers doesn’t mean your cake is going to suck. You can get your cake designed however you want it when you have a more ideal sized cake. You can have it designed in just about any shape or form you’d love to have it in that will not only mesmerize your guests but actually will mean something to you and your future spouse.



So to answer the topic question, no you don’t need a huge cake at your wedding. You only need a wedding cake that not only tastes great and helps add to the prestigious celebration at hand, but also that symbolizes just exactly what your wedding is—exquisite.

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