3 Cakes To Make You Quake

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3 Cakes To Make You Quake


A delicious cake is never out the question to make your wedding just all that much more epic and memorable than it already is. Here are some of the most mouth-watering cake recipes from around the world that can be enjoyed by just about anyone.


M&M Cake


01 M&M Cake


An incredible M&M bun cake can be created so easily that, if you’ve never done it, you might actually kick yourself for never thinking to create one. By simply introducing M&M’s to the batter, you can create a pound cake that runs deep with the veins of delicious streaks of milk-chocolate color. The M&M’s will soften within the cake as well, turning into exquisite little gushers of warm chocolate goodness that will take you a ride down an incredible, cocoa-saturated roller coaster ride.



Red Velvet Cake


Red Velvet Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting


Red velvet cake takes the strong and enduring appeal of the vanilla cake and hits it with an incredibly stylistic, scarlet-red spin. The thick and deep richness of scarlet cake’s body is a perfect representation of the savory and milky flavor that sleeps within; a high-quality red velvet cake is almost syrupy in its body’s smoothness, but the icing that tops it is crispy and sweet enough to provide nothing less than an incredible grade of contrast. The red velvet cake, all in all, is like the vanilla cake’s cooler, better-dressed older brother that comes to town every now and then to keep in in check!

Lemon Cake

03 Lemon Cake


Attention, all glazed donut lovers: you’ve finally got something here that can make your addiction almost seem a little bit more healthy! However, it’s not nearly as tasty. Lemon cake is a citrus glazed godsend that can transform plain-Jane cake flour into phenomenal frenzy of unbelievable flavor and sweetness. If you’re shy of things that are a tad bit on the sour side, then you may just not be up to the lemon cake’s strong and unique personality; however, if you want to dive into a bit of sour for the sake of truly sweet reward, then the lemon cake may be just what the doctor ordered.




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